Over 10 years in tech

Unassuming go getter, Team player, Change agent


VMware has an amazing program called Take3 that allows its employees with over 5 years tenure to take 3 months to experience another role or take a sabbatical. Having been here at VMware for more than 6 years, I decided to take up this opportunity with the support of my management and explore the Product Management role which has been a passion of mine for quite some time. I had spent most of 2019 working on a Product Management certification from University of Washington where i learnt a lot about Product Ideation, User centric Design and Go to market strategies.

30 days

The first 30 days of my Product Management experience was busy, busy, busy… I spent a lot of time on the basics

  • Understanding the technology and domain
  • Installing our product (over and over again) 
  • Breaking it and providing feedback
  • Learning from the team and understanding the dynamics. 

This helped me get a good understanding our the technology, its constraints and its capabilities along with familiarizing with the team.  

60 days

During my second month into Product Management, as i started getting the hang of the technology and it’s constraints, I started to analysing our Product from a Product Management lens. Research time.. 

  • What was the problem that we are trying to solve? 
  • What is most important to our users? 
  • Who are our Users and our Customers?